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Perinatal Mental Health Care In The United States: An Overview Of Policies And Programs

Authors: Adrienne Griffen, Lynne McIntyre, Jamie Zahlaway Belsito, Joy Burkhard, Wendy Davis, Mary Kimmel, Alison Stuebe, Crystal Clark, and Samantha Meltzer-Brody

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A Blueprint for the Conduct of Large, Multisite Trials in Telemedicine

Authors: Patricia Commiskey, April W Armstrong, Tumaini R Coker, Earl Ray Dorsey, John C Fortney, Kenneth J Gaines, Brittany M Gibbons, Huong Q Nguyen, Daisy R Singla, Eva Szigethy, Elizabeth A Krupinski

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Mother Matters: Pilot randomized wait-list controlled trial of an online therapist-facilitated discussion board and support group for postpartum depression symptoms

Authors: Vigod SN, Cook GS, Macdonald K, Hussain-Shamsy N, Brown HK, de Oliveira C, Torshizi K, Benipal PK, Grigoriadis S, Classen CC, Dennis CL

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Maternal, Fetal, and Child Outcomes of Mental Health Treatments in Women: A Systematic Review of Perinatal Pharmacologic Interventions*

Authors: Viswanathan M, Middleton JC, Stuebe A, Berkman N, Goulding AN, McLaurin-Jiang S, Dotson AB, Coker-Schwimmer M, Baker C, Voisin C, Bann C & Gaynes BN *Perinatal-related publication by SUMMIT investigators.

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